Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Zebra Longwing

I finished the butterfly portion of this piece of embroidery. I still have the hamelia paten flowers and some greenery to draw on, then embroider. I am enjoying working on this piece. I see these butterflies every day and they are a joy to behold as they flit from flower to flower, worried about nothing.

Click on picture for a closer view.

Lavender Filled Hand Embroidered Sachets

Here are 4 sachets that have been hand sewn and hand embroidered and beaded, by me, then filled with dried French Lavender. The scent is wonderful. These will be for sale in our Etsy shop, I just have to get them uploaded.

This first one has an overlay of lace. The beads are sewn on not glued.

I loved making each one of these, the whole process was a joy. The scent of the lavender was relaxing and soothing music was playing while I was creating.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Another embroidery project

Good afternoon ~ I just started on this latest piece earlier this afternoon. It is from my own photo. I do not have flowers drawn in yet. I am enjoying this. Butterflies are such free, happy creatures. No cares, no worries, they just flit about from flower to flower sipping sweet nectar.