Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's next?

Well, I'm about to start on my next needlework of another bird. This one is a female Chestnut sided Warbler. She is a little sweetie. The photo is one taken by Carol at Flower Hill Farm. She has graciously given permission to use her photo for inspiration.

Birds just speak to me. They seem so carefree and happy. They sing and go about their daily business.

I hope to be doing more birds, butterflies too, to sell in my little Etsy shop. I love embroidering. These are all miniature in size, and all hand done.

My first little bird flew his tropical nest and is now residing in the mountains of NC. He will be framed in an antique frame by the new owner and hung with a collection of antique postcards of birds. I think that is really neat.

Here is the drawing for the next needle work , not put to material yet.

Now I'm intimidated. It always happens when I first start out on a piece.

I will be keeping track of my time too, once the needle is put to the material. I didn't do that with several pieces that I have already done that I posted pictures of, and that's why I have not put them up for sale

Anyway, thanks for stopping in to see what's happening next here at Plum Cottage.